Above is the link for the site of the Domestic violence center in Cleveland.

There are several approaches to stopping widespread domestic abuse. One of the most common methods of stopping Domestic abuse is by filing a lawsuit. Another common method to prevent it is to educate the abusive parent or spouse, this is however, often done by force. Another large majority of the time, people call hotlines to find answers or to get advice. However, for another large quotient of people, it does not stop, and the person being abused continues to be beaten.

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Stopping Domestc abuse is important because:

Domestic violence is a problem that occurs in our society that must be stopped at all costs.
Domestic violence effects approximately 25% of people in the planet and causes a large a mount of psychological trauma within the people being abused.
Several centers are set up accross the country with intentions to stop the violence occuring in a relationship

The benefits of ending domestic violence include
- your partner or children will not be afraid of you anymore
- will no longer cause publc humiliation to the one being abused
- your partner or children may no longer be afrad to do something with their life
- may cause an end to their depression

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SAN FRANCISCO – A Bay Area company is blazing a trail for other businesses that want to take a stand for respectful relationships and help stop domestic, dating and sexual violence in our communities. Blue Shield of California, a not-for-profit health plan, is dedicating this entire week to spread awareness about relationship abuse and emphasize the need for adults to serve as role models for the youth in their lives. The Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) is praising the company for its leadership in domestic violence prevention. “Blue Shield of California is doing extraordinary work to stop domestic violence and help employees understand the role they can play in building respectful, non-violent relationships in their families and communities,” said FVPF President Esta Soler. “It is a role model for companies that want to take a stand on this issue. We are enormously grateful to Blue Shield for making a long-term commitment to helping end abuse. They are a dedicated partner that is doing remarkable work on this issue.” From June 7-11, Blue Shield is participating in a variety of activities focused on education, general awareness and fundraising to support prevention. Blue Shield employees are encouraged to sign a RESPECT! Declaration; donate a cell phone to Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine program; watch a video to learn how to talk to a teen about the need for respect in relationships; send an e-card to help build a society based on respect; and text the word “respect” to 41010 to donate $5 to the Family Violence Prevention Fund.